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Remember when we were kids, when sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car and pretending to drive was all the rage? We admit, it’s a really fun game to play, but please hold off on actually driving a car until you’re of legal age. You may have all the motor skills required to drive a car, but the ability to make those split-second driving decisions only comes with age and maturity.

If you’re a parent or guardian, it may be tempting to let your little tyke sit on your lap and steer for you, or take the car for a spin in your neighbourhood, but please refrain from doing that for your safety and the safety of the other road users. A lot can go wrong when you place the reins of a two-tonne, metal and glass projectile in inexperienced hands.

For all the youngsters out there aching to get behind the wheel of a car, wait till you get your learner’s permit before you drive. Don’t worry, the experience will be just as rewarding, with none of the guilt associated with breaking the law. We, the other road users, are counting on you to keep the roads safe.