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One of the saddest statistics of our roads is that there are over 3 lakh fatalities that occur every year, and of those, alcohol is a contributing factor in nearly half of those. Our roads are dangerous enough as it is, and adding an extra layer of intoxication into the equation only results in bad news. If you ever think you’re perfectly fine to drive after a drink or two, stop yourself and think for a moment about the lives you may save. The consequences aren’t limited to just you and your family, innocent bystanders often pay the price for drunk drivers, too.

Studies show that any alcohol in your system increases your reaction time to external stimuli and a corresponding increase in the amount of errors you make. So, instead of choosing to get behind the wheel, here are a few alternatives: When you go out for a night of drinking, you can either choose to leave the car at home and take a taxi, choose a designated driver who remains sober through the night or call for a chauffeur from one of the multitude of companies that offer such services. If we pledge not to get behind the wheel after drinking, we can make our roads that much safer for everyone!