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How are you spending this lockdown period?
Putting the motorcycle gloves to use on the terrace garden, making cat videos, watching the sun go down, washing plates and hosting a series called #evoConversations on the EVO India Instagram, speaking to motorsport heroes, car company CEOs and other friends from the automotive industry

What is the one vehicle you wish you were quarantined with?
The G-Class! Or the Toyota Land Cruiser! Or both!

What is the first thing you intend to do once this situation passes?
Take my bike, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, out for a ride.

What is the most important thing you’ve realised thanks to this lockdown?
How bloody lucky we are to be doing what we are doing – in my case driving, riding, rallying and basically spending so much time outdoors creating great content.

Where do you see the automotive industry going after the lockdown?
Sadly, not up. But on the plus side personal transportation will go up, so more cars and bikes will be sold once people start spending. Who in their right minds will want to ride in an Uber or Ola after this?

Do you expect the government to help? If yes, how?
Let’s not live in dreamland. The government isn’t going to help. You’re on your own, like you’ve always been, so man up and get on with it.

How has your company adapted to this situation?
Everybody gets together at 9:30am every morning, online of course, and we plan out our content for the day. We are creating a lot of content online, the #evoConversations is just one example. There’s enough negativity out there, we are trying to send out positive messages and create inspirational content around what we know best, and that is cars and bikes.

With the lockdown, has your workload reduced, gone up or remained the same?
More or less remained the same. Plus there’s the added gardening, and the heck of a lot of effort that goes into trying to make myself useful around the house.

Even after the lockdown is over, would you prefer to work from home?
NO! You kidding bro?