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What is this?
Something that only a brand like TVS Motor Company can probably think of. This is the 2021 edition of the Apache RR 310 and the one you see here is specced with the optional kits that buyers can now buy through the company’s new ‘Build To Order’ initiative. Instead of offering upgrade kits that buyers are required to purchase after the purchase of the motorcycle, here, one can spec the RR 310 according to their requirement based on the available options.

The customization options are principally split into two packages, the Dynamic kit and the Race kit. Under the Dynamic kit (priced Rs 12,000), the main upgrade is the suspension setup. What you get are fully-adjustable KYB upside down fork units at the front and monoshock at the rear that can be adjusted for preload and damping (compression and rebound). The front comes with 20 clicks of damping and 15 mm of preload, meanwhile, the rear also comes with 20 clicks for damping and 10 steps for preload adjustment. Furthermore, to withstand the harsh weather conditions that affect the life and functioning of the final drive chain, a brass-coated chain is a part of the package offering a longer chain life.

For the Race kit (priced Rs 5,000), what you get is a revised riding triangle that is designed for more committed ergonomics, perfect for the racetrack. The positioning of the clip-on bars is 8-degree downward and 5-degree inward which facilitates while cornering and in the straights. Next is the knurled race footpegs that are 30 mm higher than the stock setup. While the knurling helps increase the grip level between the peg and riding boot, the raised position associates in an additional banking angle of 4.5-degree while also allowing the rider to grip the tank better while cornering.

Besides the above, through the BTO platform, buyers can opt for the Race Replica livery, a personalised number on the visor, red colour for the alloy wheels as well.

Whom is it for?
Those who want to extract the maximum out of their bike’s potential. And also hit the racetrack on weekends. For an asking price of Rs 2.59 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the 2021 edition Apache RR 310 has witnessed a hike in price of Rs 5,000 over the previous model. However, with the KTM RC 390 being its direct rival, it still undercuts the Austrian by a good Rs 20,000 margin, which is great. The entire BTO kit, on the other hand, with all the upgrades comes up to Rs 23,000, which makes it more sensible to consider.

Does it handle?
Absolutely brilliant! The whole idea of having adjustable suspension is to set up the motorcycle according to the rider’s preferences. Since the event was organised at a racetrack, we had three sets to take the bike out on the track and test it. For the first set, the suspension was set to neutral settings to set a baseline. For the second set, the settings were dialled in for a stiffer setup. While the neutral setting is already a substantial improvement over the non-adjustable ones offered in the standard RR 310, with the tweaks, I was able to corner faster and hold a tighter line without any drama. Also, the revised ergonomics have made a huge impact in ducking down low in the straights and added room for even more lean angles.

For the third and last set, with few minor changes to the suspension based on my feedback from the previous set, I was even faster than before and able to attack corners even better. I could actually get the sense of how much of a difference it makes when the RR 310 was set up according to my requirement. Not only did it make you faster, but it also builds more confidence to push further towards the capabilities of the motorcycle

How fast is it?
The RR 310 is already a fast motorcycle. With a claimed top speed of 160 kph, it manages to do so without any struggle. On the racetrack, on the straights, I managed to breach the 150 kph mark but only to grab a handful of the brakes and drop a gear or two before turning into corners.

The Apache RR310 comes with four riding modes, Urban, Rain, Sport and Track. Since it was a track day event, the full potential of the 312cc reverse-inclined motor was available along with reduced interference from the ABS. One can even record the race telemetries to analyze once you are back in the pits.

Is it fun?
Faired supersport motorcycles are meant for performance and lesser for comfort. If that is what you are looking for, the Apache RR 310 is a fantastic motorcycle to pick. And with the Build To Order platform, one needn’t ask for anything more in return. With the kit, the RR 310 transforms into a thoroughbred track machine capable of chasing apex after apex in the quest to set the fastest lap time thus delivering nothing but pure unadulterated motorcycling nirvana to all track junkies.

2021 TVS Apache RR 310

Displacement: 312.2cc, Single
Max power: 32.52 bhp@9700 rpm
Max torque: 2.78 kgm@7700 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed

Type: Trellis frame, split chassis

(F/R): 300-mm disc/240-mm disc

(F/R): 110/70 R17 / 150/60 R17

L/W/H (mm): 2001/786/1135
Wheelbase: 1365 mm
Ground clearance: 180 mm
Seat height: 810 mm
Kerb weight: 174 kg
Fuel capacity: 11 litres

PRICE: Rs 2.6 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)