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The Young Media Racer Programme by TVS Racing not only helps us journos experience live racing action in a safe and controlled environment, but it also helps us in becoming smarter, skilled riders on the road. TVS recently concluded the selection round of the Young Media Racer Programme 8.0, at the Madras International Circuit. From a total of 39 participants, 16 of them qualified to become the racers for this season’s YMRP.

The participants had to undergo the level 1 program of the TVS Racing Training Academy, which included rigorous training, covering both theory and practical sessions lasting about a day. The selected racers will now be riding the race-spec TVS Apache RTR 200 4V throughout the season.

This time, TVS also introduced MotoGP-grade riding gear, leveraging the partnership with Alpinestars by offering FIM-homologated 22.06 helmets, along with Tech Air 5 airbags.

Our resident shutterbug-cum-fitness freak, Kaizad Darukhanawala, qualified fifth in the selection round of the TVS Young Media Racer Programme 8.0, with a time of 2:25 minutes. To that, we say congratulations! Maybe next time he ends up on top? Jokes aside, stay tuned for the next round.