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TVS Motor Company has released a 30-second video on child safety as part of the ‘TVS Ride 4 Safety’ campaign, which can be viewed on YouTube. Titled ‘The Unparents’, the video portrays the parents of two kids in a scenario of neglect for their children in extreme conditions on a snowy mountain during a storm.

The narrator goes on to reassure viewers that such neglectful parents do not exist, following which a child in the video questions the lack of appropriate safety gear for children riding pillion on two-wheelers.

The #TVSRide4Safety initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of children accompanying their parents on two-wheelers. The main goal is to spread awareness about the importance of adopting kids’ helmets and underlining that safety is paramount.

Indian automotive industry statistics indicate that over 15 million two-wheelers were sold domestically in 2023, marking a record growth of 16 per cent over the previous year of 2022. As India’s reliance on two-wheelers continues to increase, campaigns like this highlight the importance of safety for all, regardless of age.

Motoring World commends TVS for its sensitively-crafted ad campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the necessity for safety, as it has been known to do over the years. Patrons are encouraged to prioritize safety, especially for their little ones, before leaving their homes.