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Triumph has created a bobber out a Bonneville, and they have done a marvellous job. Called the Bobber, at its heart is a retuned version of the 1200cc Hight Torque 8-valve, with a new chassis and suspension. However, it is the small details and the engineering that has been done by Triumph not compromise on practicality, is what makes this Bobber so good.


First of, the single seat is adjustable sliding back and forth to allow either a more laid back cruiser position or a more sportier upright position. Along with the seats, the single instrument meter can also be rotated from a horizontal to a vertical position.


While no power figures have been released, Triumph says the 1200cc HT engine has been retuned for more power and torque lower down in the rev-range. As in the T120, it is liquid cooled with a 270 degree firing order and is paired with a six-speed gearbox.


Although it looks like a hard-tail at the back, it is actually a fully suspended ‘Swing Cage’ with the entire thing attached to a cleverly hidden monoshock. Even the hub for the rear wheel has a faux drum brake design to it, to look more authentic. Adding to the bobber look is a rear mudgaurd loop and a traditionally designed light clusters, although they are all lit up by LEDs.


One has to just peer onto the back of the seat, the battery cover, the fuel filler cap, the ignition cap and the throttle body covers to understand the level of detail on this bike.


Traditional design has excluded electronic riding aids, though. Like the rest of the Triumph range, the Bobber has throttle-by-wire, two riding modes, switchable traction control and ABS, with heated grips and cruise control as optional extras. It rides on a set of Avon Cobras, wrapped around spoked rim wheels.


While Triumph has not revealed the prices yet, they have prepared a huge arsenal of accessocries that can be bought for the Bobber.

Honestly, it is just perfect, as it is.