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You thought only your partner could give you Valentine’s surprises? Well, you’re wrong. Ola Electric has given its target audience a rather pleasant surprise. If you’re among those looking to buy Ola S1 X+, S1 Air, or the range-topping S1 Pro, you can now buy them at much more affordable prices compared to before. The electric two-wheeler maker said these prices are valid from Feb 16, till the end of this month.

However, we must let you know that this price drop applies only to the 3 kWh variants of the Ola S1 lineup. The Ola S1 X+, earlier available at Rs 1.09 lakh, can now be yours starting from Rs 84,999 (all prices ex-showroom). The S1 X+ claims to run for 151 km on a single charge, with its battery packing 7.4 hours for a full top-up. Its hub-mounted motor churns out 8 bhp, and it reaches a top speed of 90 kph. It is also 8 kg lighter than the S1 Pro, and comes with a unique 5-inch LCD screen, and a 500W portable charger.

Ola S1 Air (7)
The S1 Air shares some of its hardware with the S1 Pro

The S1 Air, too, comes down to Rs 1.04 lakh, as opposed to the erstwhile Rs 1.19 lakh price tag (all prices ex-showroom). The S1 Air is also powered by a hub-mounted motor, but here it puts out 6 bhp, while also covering a claimed 151 km on a single charge. The S1 Air also hits a top speed of 90 kph, while charging its battery takes a claimed time of 5 hours. It gets drum brakes on both ends, a 7-inch touch screen cluster, a larger 750W portable charger, music streaming, remote seat lock / unlock, and cruise control among other things. We’ve ridden the S1 Air; click here to check out our review.

The range-topping S1 Pro obviously gets all the goodies; it’s got the more powerful mid-mounted motor, producing 14 bhp and hitting a top speed of 120 kph. It also claims to cover 195 km on a single charge, while the battery takes a claimed time of 6.5 hours for a full charge via the 750W portable charger. It also gets the 7-inch touch screen cluster, Hyper mode, disc brakes on both ends, and other features such as cruise control, music streaming, navigation, proximity unlock, and more.

Would you buy the Ola S1 Pro?

You’ve got time till the end of February, but why not check out the lineup anyway?