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Taiwanese scooter manufacturer SYM has showcased its latest hybrid scooter — PE3. Unlike the hybrid scooters we have here from Yamaha, the Taiwanese scooter actually provides a healthy benefit of both its powertrains.

The SYM PE3 features a 4 kW electric motor that can run the scooter for 35 km. And post which, once the voltage of the battery drops from 75 V to 60 V, the scooter seamlessly switches to its combustion engine. While the brand is yet to divulge the details of the engine, it claims that the 3-litre fuel tank is good for a 270-km run, which brings its efficiency to 270 km, and with the electric motor, the range comes to 305 km.

On the aesthetics front, it looks straight out of the Star Wars universe with its futuristic, industrial design. Everything from its front apron to the side panels and even the exhaust will remind you of one of the ships from the movie franchise. The console is a vertical TFT unit and the switchgear is unlike anything we have seen on any two-wheeler.

The SYM PE3 should make its global debut later this year, and unfortunately, it is unlikely to ever come to India. But if it did, and even at a premium, wouldn’t it pose a serious threat to its competition with its versatility. Isn’t this perfect answer for every potential EV buyer’s range anxiety?