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All of you who want a comfortable sport tourer, pay attention. The Suzuki Hayabusa is now being assembled in its plant in Gurgaon. Why is this important, you ask? A CKD vehicle attracts a much lower tax rate than a CBU unit, for one, and for another, labour costs in India are a lot cheaper than in Japan.

What this means is that both the company and the customer benefit – Suzuki will now make more money per unit Busa sold, while the customer has benefitted from a price drop of Rs 2 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. You read that right – the Hayabusa is now available for Rs 13.6 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. On-road, that widens the gap to its sole competitor to around Rs 3 lakh in some states.

Your move, Kawasaki.