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The Bird of Prey is back! The third-generation Suzuki Hayabusa has been launched in India carrying a sticker price of Rs 16.40 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. This year in February, we were stoked to see Suzuki debuting the third-gen Hayabusa, and were hoping that it arrives in India soon. Now, that it is finally here, you can book yours online by paying a sum of Rs 1 lakh as the booking amount. All you have to do is click here.

It’s been a 13-year long wait for the third generation ‘Busa. It still very much holds a similar design layout as its predecessors, at the same time keeping a check on modern times. Thoroughly revised, the 1340cc engine has been updated with new internals, improved aerodynamics and an exhaustive list of electronic wizardry. Despite the small drop in power, the bird still is a mighty quick machine! It now produces 187 bhp and 15.29 kgm of torque from its 1340cc, four-cylinder, DOHC engine.

It doesn’t miss out on the analogue speedometer and tachometer that flanks the LCD TFT screen displaying electronic nannies like the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System, traction control, power mode selector. These electronics should give the motorcyclist more confidence to push it to its limit. Do note that the Hayabusa isn’t a light machine by any means, tipping the scale at 264 kg, shedding only 2 kg. But an updated pair of Brembo Stylemas should inspire a lot of confidence.

With a slightly lower and seat height (800 mm) and ground clearance (120 mm), the ‘bars are also 12 mm closer to the motorcyclist than the previous gens, ensuring comfort on long-distance touring. And we’re sure when the virus weakens, many will dream of taking this beast to cross-country tours. We too are dreaming for just that.