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Since its inception in 1946, Vespa has been the fashion icon of the automobile industry. In India, too, it has been perceived more as a style statement than just a commuter scooter.

Now, Vespa has collaborated with Parisian couture house Dior, who shares the same birth year as Vespa, to produce an exclusively-styled scooter and a host of fashion accessories to match. Like with the earlier Giorgio Armani special edition, the Dior edition starts with the Vespa 946 as the base. Dior bits like exclusive exterior paint, blue leather saddle and grips are added. The design also features gold surrounds made with the help of Dior’s design department. There sits a top case behind the saddle that’s covered in Dior’s Oblique pattern, which can also be seen on the included helmet as well.

Expect to see these special edition scooters in Dior boutiques and some Piaggio Motoplex stores next spring. How much do they cost? Well, if you have to ask…