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It is no secret that Royal Enfield has been the muse of custom motorcycle builders around the world. And now ,RE’s latest creation, the Shotgun 650, has starred in the movie ‘The Kitchen’ in some fancy clothing.

Netflix’s movie is set in a dystopian London in 2044 where the protagonist lives in a rundown housing project. And in his quest for a better life is his partner-in-crime — the custom Shotgun 650 designed by Royal Enfield’s UK Technology Centre.

The design of the bike had to match the theme of the movie. And for that, Team RE worked with musician Gaika Tavares for creating countless sketches that drew inspiration from an array of references like cyber-punk culture and street fashion coupled with beefy and industrial design.

The final version of the custom Shotgun was the most brutal iteration of the bobber. And Royal Enfield made three of these with a set of spare parts for the movie. Interestingly, the company fabricated the parts to fit onto the original bike. So, the beefy swingarm that you see, as well as those big fork covers… Well, those are just bolt-on parts that saved the build(s) a lot of time and money.

The tank and the seat is a 3D-printed single-unit piece that rests on the stock fuel tank and the now-reworked subframe. Yes, in order to get the high-set rear-end without disturbing the stock mounting for the rear shock absorbers, Enfield re-did the subframe. And except for the shocks and the subframe, this bike is running pretty much the standard hardware.

Everything from the acrylic headlight to the sharp tail light and the faux cables, and the wheel covers adds to the futuristic appeal of this bike. Also, the beautiful grey and yellow paint scheme is done by the same team that came up with colour options for RE’s current lineup. Oh, and that grime and rust on the bike? Well, that’s been done in-house to show that the bike was the protagonist’s daily ride.

And in case you didn’t know, we too made a custom 650 — the Sledhammer. Check it out here.