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CEAT Indian Supercross League saw an amazing turn of events with Ramette Thomas of Reise MotoSports dominating the 450cc International round to secure the organization’s 3rd place in the league championship.

The first lap saw the rider overtake all competitors, despite dropping two positions. He stood his ground and came at the third position in overall rankings in the 450cc international round.

In the 250cc international category, Brendan Sipple and Alex fought a hard race securing 7th place and 9th place overall.

In the 250cc India Asia mix, the team remained in 5th place due to a crash in the earlier laps and another rider not being able due to a persisting injury.

In the 85cc category, the team’s riders’ Darshit and Suajan placed 4th and 11th place.

In the All-Star category, the team finished in 3rd place with Thomas Ramette and in 9th place with Brendan Sipple.


Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder and Director, Reise MotoSports, stated that he was proud of the team’s achievements and is eager for more in future seasons of the ISRL. He further states that the platform of ISRL has enabled better interactions between the motorcycling community.

In November 2022, Reise Moto launched its premium line of two-wheeler tyres brand called Reise which is available throughout India. The line is available for both scooters and motorcycles.