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Vision is the most fundamental source of information to perform any activity. Needless to say, sight is paramount on motorcycles. If you have poor or even reduced vision of the road, your reaction times are automatically doubled. That’s why a clear visor that remains clear regardless of any external factors is necessary. On that note, Raleri is an Italian company that specialises in optics research and development, and is passionate about sportspeople and motorcyclists seeing things as best as possible at all times. The company has a range of anti-fog inserts that, besides their primary function, also come with many other benefits.

We got a chance to try out the HiDef insert and the photochromic insert on helmets that we regularly use. Unlike PinLock inserts which require a PinLock compatible visor, Raleri inserts are universal and don’t require any pins or clamps to hold them in place. They come with a strip of glue along the periphery of the insert that sticks to the inside of the visor. The installation process is not that difficult if you are good at measuring and have an eye for aligning things up.

The HiDef insert comes with a tinge of pink that cuts out glare and improves the overall visibility of the surroundings. Raleri recommends the HiDef visor for racing where every single detail is critical to the rider. The fine tint helps in reducing the harshness of the sun by a good margin while brightening up the road when riding at night.

Next up is the flagship photochromic insert which, as the name suggests, is a one-stop solution to riding at any time and in any weather condition. Apart from its anti-fogging properties, this visor also offers UV filtering with an anti-reflection function. It adapts to the brightness of the surroundings in just a few seconds. Moreover, the insert comes equipped with a patented ColourMark system that indicates when the pigment is starting to decay.

The HiDef retails at Rs 1650, while the range-topping photochromic one carries a sticker price of Rs 2100. Log on to and those guys will be happy to help you to make the best choice.