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Nexzu Mobility has expanded its product range by introducing four new variants under its Bazinga and Roadlark mark. The company has focused on offering both cycles with swappable batteries in various capacities, ranging from 5.2Ah to 14.5Ah.

The Roadlark and Bazinga electric cycles now feature three battery options: 5.2Ah, 8.7Ah, and 14.5Ah. These batteries provide ranges of 30km, 45km, and 100km respectively. All three battery options are swappable, offering an added convenience for charging. Nexzu has stated that users can easily carry the batteries home, particularly benefiting those living in high-rise buildings.


Mr. Chintamani Sardesai, Business Head of Nexzu Mobility, expressed the significance of development in the electric two-wheeler industry. He highlighted the attractiveness of the EV cycle offering, particularly with the introduction of swappable batteries at competitive prices. Mr Chintamani Sardesai also noted that the low initial acquisition cost and the option to pedal make EV cycles an appealing choice for short-distance commuting, both for personal and commercial use. With the expanded product range, consumers now have the flexibility to select a cycle and variant that aligns with their specific needs, thereby driving increased adoption of EV cycles.

A summary of the prices can be found below:

Model Battery Capacity Price (Ex-showroom)
Rompus Plus 5.2 Ah INR 29,900
Bazinga 5.2 Ah (new variant) INR 32,950
8.7 Ah (new variant) INR 35,950
14.5 Ah INR 39,950
Roadlark 5.2 Ah (new variant) INR 32,950
8.7 Ah (new variant) INR 35,950
14.5 Ah INR 39,950

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