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The uncertainty around the 2024 Bharat GP continues to loom around. While earlier, we had reported India getting dropped from the 2024 MotoGP calendar over whispers of behind-the-scenes drama and non-payment issues, this time things are different.

Pushkar Nath Srivastava, CEO, Fairstreet Sports said any unpaid dues will be settled by next month, and that those have nothing to do with the postponement of the races. Dorna, along with co-promoter Fairstreet Sports and the govt. of Uttar Pradesh have mutually decided to shift the round to sometime in March, given how harsh the weather conditions were last time, not just for the racers, but also for the marshals.

You may remember the 2023 MotoGP Bharat was shortened to 21 laps from 24. Aleix Espargaro and Raul Fernandez both spoke about the hot weather conditions before the race. Post the race, Martin was seen pouring bottles of cold water on himself, also requiring the attention of medics. The 2023 Bharat GP was ultimately won by Marco Bezzechi.

Given how the current season began on March 10 in Doha, Qatar, things could likely change, and the Bharat GP might be the inaugural round of the 2025 season. Meanwhile, the Kazakhstan GP is likely to take Bharat GP’s place on the 2024 MotoGP calendar.