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The Mojo Tourer Edition, as the name suggests, is a special edition aimed at those riders who like to kit out their Mojo’s for long rides and would appreciate the convenience of buying a Mojo kitted out for touring from the factory itself. The Tourer edition comes equipped with a magnetic tank bag, a saddle bag and a carrier, mobile holder, front guard, a mount for panniers and a pair of fog lamps and their mount. At Rs 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), this Tourer edition is a exactly Rs 30,000 more expensive than the standard Mojo.

Also, other than the fog lamps and their mount, all the other accessories can be bought separately from the Mojo Gear catalogue. Here are the prices :

·         Magnetic Tank Bag – Rs 3300

·         Saddle Bag and Carrier – Rs 3450 + Rs 2000

·         Mobile Holder – Rs 1300

·         Front Guard – Rs 2500

·         Pannier Mount – Rs 1800

Which all adds up to Rs 14350, save for the foglamps. A better idea to buy them all separately then?