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Why are more and more motorcycle manufacturers testing out automatic transmissions, and specifically on adventure motorcycles? We can only assume to make things easier for the rider who has to handle the weight of a heavy motorcycle along with navigating the rough terrain, but then that’s not why you venture into the unknown, do you?

Anyway, KTM’s latest AMT prototype recently participated in the RedBull Erzberg Rodeo, with the French Enduro rider Johnny Aubert showing off his mastery by flicking the motorcycle around the enduro track like a toy. Judging by the bodywork of the AMT prototype, and the fact that the bike maker participated in the Iron Road Prologue category, which is reserved for twin-cylinder motorcycles, the AMT prototype could very well be based on the upcoming KTM 1390 Adventure.

As you would expect, there is no clutch lever here. However, two toggle switches are placed behind the left switch cube, with the lower one clearly marked ‘down’. No guesses as to what the upper one is likely to mention, then.

However, if you’re looking for more official information, you’ll have to wait out till September 2024 on that front. While KTM does have an official website for the AMT prototype, the bike maker also decided to take the mickey out of us with a ‘nice try’ mention on the URL. You can see for yourself by clicking right here.