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The name “Kinetic” may remind you of two-stroke engines and those iconic-sounding scooters based on the Honda Lead. However, Kinetic today is all about electric mobility, having rebranded itself to Kinetic Green. The electric two-wheeler manufacturer has now launched the Zulu, with an introductory price tag of Rs 94,990 (ex-showroom). The Zulu becomes the third scooter in Kinetic Green’s current lineup of electric scooters, which includes the likes of the Flex, and the Zing.

The Kinetic Zulu is powered by a hub-mounted motor generating 2.8 bhp, giving it a claimed top speed of 60 kmph on a single charge. The battery pack is a 2.27 kWh unit, with a claimed range of 104 km on a single charge. Kinetic Green says that charging takes about five hours, and interestingly, the battery pack receives oil-cooling technology. It also says that oil-cooling allows for fast charging up to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes via a 15 amp socket.

In terms of design, the Kinetic Zulu receives a modern, youthful design, similar to most scooters that are on sale today, and you get six colour options to choose from. However, we’ll reserve any further judgment on its design until we see the scooter up front. If you’re thinking of hardware, interestingly the Zulu also comes packing with a disc-brake setup on both ends, while suspension duties are taken care of with telescopic forks and twin shocks. There’s not much to mention in terms of fancy gizmos here, but the Zulu does receive a digital cluster, lighting for the underseat storage space, and a side-stand sensor.

Kinetic Green is also preparing the comeback of what was once a household name; the Luna. The iconic moped is set for a revival as an electric two-wheeler. However, it could likely be oriented towards the commercial segment. As for the Zulu, you can book it for an amount of Rs 499.

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