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Remember mopeds? If you’re someone who was born after the 2000s, chances are you might not even remember the likes of the Bajaj M80 and the Hero Puch. While the two aforementioned examples continue to rest in peace, Kinetic Green (previously known as you-know-who) has revived the Luna in an electric avatar. Known as the E-Luna, it comes in at an affordable (maybe not so much for its target audience) price tag of Rs 69,990 (ex-showroom).

16-inch spoke rims on offer

Let’s answer the obvious question first; the Kinetic E-Luna can cover a claimed range of 110 km on a single charge, with its 2 kWh battery pack taking a claimed time of 4 hours for a full charge. The chain-driven motor produces 1.6 bhp, while torque remains unspecified. True to its predecessor, the E-Luna receives moped styling, which may help it stand out on roads, but this time there are no pedals, which means you really will be out of luck if you run out of charge.

The Kinetic E-Luna gets a digital cluster

The E-Luna features a digital instrument cluster, a side-stand alert, three riding modes, and a USB charging port, but that’s about it. The headlamp and the turn-indicators are halogen units instead of LEDs. Kinetic says the E-Luna has a payload capacity of 150 kg, which should be good enough to carry around me and some amount of luggage. For reference, I weigh 80 kg.

Does this remind you of something else?

The E-Luna is available in two variants; the X1, and the X2 which is priced at Rs 74,990 (ex-showroom). Kinetic offers multiple customization options to suit the needs of various kinds of buyers. It is likely to capture the attention of last-mile delivery operators, and maybe (but just maybe) someone looking to buy it purely out of nostalgia.