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Benda, a Chinese company, has been making headlines with its outrageous motorcycles. The Dark Flag, LFC700 and the LFS700 were some of the motorcycles that graced the Auto Expo 2023. However, the new Keeway Benda V250  Bobber is a bike that’ll leave you teary-eyed… and probably not in the way you are thinking.


The aforementioned motorcycles make it clear that Benda likes to build wild motorcycles; but the V250 Bobber? That is a different ball-game altogether. In the first glance, it is quite similar to the 834cc bobber concept that Royal Enfield showcased a few years back. There’s a girder fork up front, a hardtail-style rear  section, and of course a V-twin engine. But look close and reality hits you like a brick on the head.

Keeway V302C for representation

The girder forks actually hide a telescopic fork that actually does all the work. And that hardtail-style triangular swingarm? Well, there’s a twin-shock setup to do all the work. Alright, the paint scheme and the flat-track tyres with the floater seat do look cool, but come on, if the K-Light 250V engine is what this bike is going to use, then the 18.5 bhp and 1.8 kgm is surely not going to suffice.


In India, the Keeway Benda brand is managed by Adhishwar Auto Rides, which got a slew of  unique motorcycles to India a couple of years back, but since then, has maintained radio silence. With the new Jawa Perak on the cards, and the aesthetic appeal of bobbers, will the company get this V250 Bobber to India? We hope not.