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21st June 2020 is going to be a historical day. It will be the first time since 1982 that the annular solar eclipse and the summer solstice fall on the same day; It will take another 19 years for these two events to coincide again. For us motorcyclists, it is also World Motorcycle Day. While there is no real reason why tomorrow is World Motorcycle Day. It’s a simple reminder for us to seize the longest day of the year doing the one thing we love – riding motorcycles. Given the current situation, we might not be able to head out on a ride, but if you do end up going, avoid riding in large groups and stay safe out there.

As for us, we’re happy revisiting our 2019 riding memories with Royal Enfield and hope that we shall ride together again very soon. Last year was a particularly memorable one with Royal Enfield. We went on an expedition to the Karakoram ranges, rode across the Himalayan mountains, attended RE’s first astrophotography workshop, rode in the coldest places and did everything that you could imagine doing on two-wheels. Now that you’ve walked down memory lane with us, why don’t you share your best rides over the last year with us.