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BGauss has unveiled two brand new electric scooters to kick off their brand in India, the BGauss A2 and BGauss B8. Between the two models, there will be a total of five variants available.

Features include removable batteries in a few variants, LED instrument panel with multi-coloured digital display, DRLs, keyless start, reverse assist, riding modes, anti-theft alarm and anti-theft motor locking. Naturally, there will also be a mobile app through which some of the scooter’s features can be controlled and monitored.

The B8 will have a top speed of 50 kph, while the A2 is limited to 25 kph only. On a full charge, the A2 can cover a maximum range of 110 km. You can spec out both the B8 and A2 with either a Lithium-Ion or Lead-acid battery packs and motors of varying power. That will ultimately determine the scooter’s range and speed. Both the electric scooter variants will be available in four colours: blue, white, red and grey. BGauss will start taking orders in early August.