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Honda has launched new custom accessory kits for the CB350 bikes in a bid to offer customers a wider range of choices. The H’ness CB350 now comes with four kits, while the CB350 RS gets two kits.

Honda CB350 Accessories (1)

The H’ness CB350 gets a Cafe Racer Custom kit with a headlamp and seat cowl. There is also the Touring Custom featuring knuckle guards, panniers and a tail rack and the Comfort kit with a pillion backrest. Finally, there’s the Solo Carrier Custom that converts the H’ness CB350 into a single-seater.

Honda CB350 Accessories (2)

The CB350 RS now also gets a Cafe Racer kit, or for the more adventurous, one can have the bike with knuckle guards, small pannier stays and a flyscreen as part of the SUV custom kit. All accessory kits also get engine crash guards, fork gaiters and a new seat as standard fitment.

Honda CB350 Accessories (3)

Taking all this into consideration, the bikes still continue with the same 348cc engine and retain the same specifications. The kits are additional accessories that have to be purchased separately and will be fitted by the dealerships at the request of the customer.

Honda CB350 Accessories (4)

H’ness CB350 custom accessory kit price list:

  • Cafe Racer kit: Rs 22,600
  • Touring kit: Rs 17,600
  • Comfort pack kit: Rs 16,500
  • Solo Carrier kit: Rs 16,200

Honda CB350 Accessories (5)

CB350 RS custom accessory kit price list:

  • Cafe Racer kit: Rs 17,500
  • SUV custom kit: Rs 7,500