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India loves its scooters and Honda has been the go-to brand. In fact, the Activa is the highest-selling scooter in India, with over two lakh units sold every month. Honda has the sporty Dio in the offering but nothing that caters to the rugged, tough… real India. And that’s where the Honda Cub Cross 110 comes in.


The Super Cub was meant to be the good child of Honda that would shield your leg from the mud and debris with its front apron. This sibling throws it away to shed some precious kilos. At 106 kg, it is super light, and pair that with 17-inch wheels and you have an absolute hoot for city and rural roads.

The Cross Cub 110 comes with a 109cc sloper engine that makes almost 8 bhp and 0.8 kgm, which may not seem much, but with its weight and intended purpose, not only should it suffice, but should give you great mileage, too. And yes, there’s a 4-speed gearbox so that you can get yourself out of any tricky situation.


Considering how versatile this Cross Cub is, doesn’t it seem like the perfect two-wheeler for our riding conditions. It is bare-bones but it looks cool, is rugged and easy on the pocket, too… once you buy it, that is. Well, it currently retails at CNY 13,000 which is equivalent to Rs 1.49 lakh.