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For quite a while, Hero Motocorp had been dropping hints of unveiling something special at the EICMA 2023. However we certainly didn’t see a whole smorgasbord of two-wheelers coming at all! From a maxi-scooter to a range of concept electric motorcycles and even an e-bike for kids, Hero Motocorp has certainly gone all-in, and we like that!

Hero Xoom 160
Starting with what is undoubtedly a first for Hero — the Xoom 160 maxi-scooter. While Hero hasn’t mentioned any specifics regarding an India launch, we do know some The Xoom 160 appears to go up against the Yamaha Aerox 155 and the Aprilia SR 160. Powered by a 155 cc liquid-cooled engine, the Xoom 160 offers 14 bhp and 1.39 kgm of torque, and the presence of block-pattern tyres suggest that it should feature some mild off-roading abilities. Apart from that, it also sports a keyless system, stop-and-start system, remote seat opening, and a vehicle finder among other things.

Hero Xoom 125R

The Xoom 125R does not look much different from its smaller sibling.

The Xoom lineup is also joined by a 125 cc version as well. Known as the Xoom 125R, it is powered by a new 124.6 cc engine with 9.5 bhp and 1.03 kgm of torque. The Xoom 125R is also among the few scooters to sport 14-inch tyres on both ends. In terms of equipment, the Xoom 125R offers a digital cluster with bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. Similar to the Xoom 110 that got cornering lights, the Xoom 125R also sports another first in its segment — sequential LED indicators. In terms of its design, the Xoom 125R does not stray too far from its smaller sibling, but again, we shall reserve judgment until we see it in the flesh.

Concept 2.5R Xtunt

The Concept 2.5R Xtunt is powered by a liquid-cooled engine.

The Concept 2.5R Xtunt is a naked concept motorcycle, which seems to take inspiration from certain Italian supermotos in terms of design, and is powered by a liquid-cooled engine. Obviously, no specifications revealed yet, but Hero Motocorp says it gets an adjustable monoshock, along with tech such as active-aero and a follow-me drone function. The motorcycle is underpinned by a lightweight trellis frame.


The Vida V1 Pro can be converted into a single-seater.

Hero Motocorp plans to introduce the Vida sub-brand in Europe, and as such, it showcased not just the Vida V1 Pro, but a couple of other interesting stuff as well. However, let’s finish with the V1 Pro first, which now gets an accessory that helps removing the rear seat, thereby making it a single-seater. The rest of the electric scooter remains unchanged.

The Lynx Concept is a big first from Hero.

Now to the interesting bits. The Concept Lynx is an electric off-road motorcycle which gets styling inspired by the traits of a lynx cat, and weighs only 82 kg! Not much is known about the Lynx for now, but Hero says it gets app connectivity with adjustable regen braking and traction control.

Meanwhile the Acro is an electric bike made specifically for kids. It boasts of a three-level adjustable frame, and a patent-pending mechanism that helps in adjusting the seat height, ergonomics and even the dimensions of the e-bike. The Acro also receives features such as geo-fencing, customizable speed settings, and a ‘disable’ button as well.