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Hero MotoCorp has launched the Mavrick 440, and it is Rs 40,000 more affordable than the Harley-Davidson X440. So, are you paying all that extra moolah just for the brand? Not really. Here are the key differences between the two:

Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440: Design

Firstly, let’s talk about the most obvious thing — Styling. The Mavrick looks a lot beefier than the Harley-Davidson, and that’s because the former gets a muscular tank (same tank capacity, though), different body panels, headlight and even exhaust. 

Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440: Underpinnings

Furthermore, Hero MotoCorp uses a telescopic fork and hydraulic dual-shock setup to handle the suspension duties while Harley employs USD forks and gas-charged units. Another big difference is in the wheel size. Instead of the 18-inch front wheel seen on the Harley-Davidson, Hero MotoCorp has chosen a 17-inch unit. The smaller wheel should not only aid handling, but gives the owners a wider range of options for  tyres.

Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440: Features

Another big difference between the two is their instrument  consoles. While the Harley uses a TFT console, the Mavrick flaunts an LCD console. Both offer Bluetooth connectivity, including call alerts and navigation, however, these features are limited to the respective top-end variants.

Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440: Engine

Yes, both the bikes use the same air-/oil-cooled 440cc engine, however, there’s a slight difference in the performance. The Mavrick makes 0.2 kgm less than the Harley’s 3.6 kgm, however, both of them make the same 28 bhp. 

So, despite being the same motorcycle overall, there are a bunch of differences between the two models. And we’ll be riding the Mavrick soon, so stay tuned for all the updates.