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Hero Lectro just has introduced its newest models, the hero Lectro H4 and H7+ to cater to the short-distance commute segment of the Indian market. Both models are powered by a BLDC Motor producing 0.3 bhp, and they are capable of reaching up to 25 kph, with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

In terms of kit, the hero Lectro H4 and H7+ pack a key ignition system, an LED display, disc brakes, an alloy brake lever, and anti-skid pedals with reflectors. The H7+ additionally comes with an upgraded front suspension and MTB tyres for enhanced grip and multi-terrain riding.


Firefox says the Hero Lectro H4 and H7+ are for cost-conscious short-distance commuters. The H4 focuses on small-town environments while the H7+ is developed for city travel.

Sriram Sundresan, CEO of Firefox Bikes, expressed excitement for the launch, stating the brand’s commitment to providing advanced, innovative, and sustainable mobility solutions.