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While Hero Motocorp has been an early investor in Ather Energy, the two brands have now joined forces to further strengthen the EV infrastructure in the country, and also attempt to reduce range anxiety among customers. Hero says this is the first inter-operable fast charging EV network not just in India, but globally as well.

How has this happened? The Bureau of Indian Standards recently approved the LECCS, which is short of Light Electric Combined Charging System. This is the first indigenously developed combined charging connector standard for the ‘light electric vehicle’ category. The collaboration, along with the approved charger system is said to form the largest EV charging ecosystem across the country.

Ather 450s (6)
Ather users will also be able access the Vida charging setups

This means, if you’re a Vida owner and are unable to find a Vida charging setup nearby, you can now have access to a nearby Ather Powergrid. This same logic also applies if you’re an Ather owner, but you happen to be low on range and find a Vida charging station nearby.

This joint move by Hero Motocorp and Ather Energy will play a part in improving EV adoption across the country, while also tackling range anxiety issues. Would you pick the Hero Vida V1, or rather settle for the tried-and-tested Ather 450X? Do share your thoughts with us, keep following our social handles, and stay tuned for more!