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The Ceat Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) has announced the induction of the ‘Gujarat Trailblazers’, as one of the league’s franchise teams for the upcoming season. The team will be owned by Dhrumil Patel, a Vadodara-based entrepreneur, along with Indian motorsport icon Gaurav Gill. This is the third team to be inducted, which marks a significant milestone in the league’s journey.

‘The league’s innovative approach resonates with my entrepreneurial drive, and I am excited to bring that energy to the world of supercross racing. Through Gujarat Trailblazers, I aim to channel my passion for excellence and determination to create a formidable team that competes at the highest level’ said Dhrumil Patel, expressing his enthusiasm for this new venture.

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Sharing the excitement, Gaurav Gill, stated, ‘I’m thrilled to enter the realm of Supercross Racing. As a racer myself, this holds immense importance for me. I’m eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to channel my enduring passion for motorsports into this new pursuit. I’m truly excited about establishing a great team and anticipate a season filled with exhilarating experiences.’