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In collaboration with various partners which include Zypp Electric, FutureEV, Nebula Energy and others, Gogoro has launched the CrossOver GX250; its first made-in-India electric scooter. Manufactured in Maharashtra, the GX250 is tailor-made for the Indian market, incorporating features derived from Gogoro pilot riders’ feedback.

Recognizing the significant demand for battery-swapping technology, the company aims to the adoption of smart, sustainable electric transportation. As of now, Gogoro is particularly targeting last-mile delivery riders, which cover over six times the distance of consumer riders on average.

The cluster displays a ‘happy birthday’ message for the rider on their birthday

The CrossOver GX250 features an all-terrain frame crafted to handle diverse road conditions. Engineered to have increased rigidity, the frame provides improved strength and stability, sitting with a comfortable 176mm of ground clearance, the highest in Gogoro‘s current vehicle lineup.

The motor generates 3 bhp and gives it a claimed top speed of 60 kmph

Powered by a 3 bhp electric motor, the CrossOver GX250 offers a top speed of just over 60 Kkmph and a certified range of 111 km. The scooter’s frame not only enhances performance but prioritizes rider comfort. The suspension system’s durability is improved, accommodating larger loads while maintaining stability.

Versatility defines the CrossOver GX250’s cargo system, adapting seamlessly to diverse riding scenarios. The introduction of a new mounting point expansion system, with 26 locking points, allows riders to customize their storage options. The scooter provides ample passenger space and multiple cargo areas, including a platform design headlight, foot, seat, and rear cargo space. The rear seat can be flipped up or removed to accommodate specific cargo storage needs.

Gogoro’s battery swapping tech is very easy to use

Gogoro also aims to facilitate a mass-market shift towards sustainable energy in densely populated cities by introducing a battery-swapping ecosystem to India. It stated that by addressing the substantial demand for smart and sustainable transport technologies, the battery-swapping model provides a safe, scalable, and open solution for efficient vehicle refuelling. The battery swapping ecosystem is currently available to B2B customers in Delhi and Goa, and it plans to expand to Pune and Mumbai in the first half of 2024. As for the CrossOver scooter series, Gogoro plans to enter the B2C segment sometime in 2024 as well.

Gogoro is aiming for a turnkey solution, wherein business partners would deploy battery swapping stations and integrate the same into the current fleet program that is already in operation.