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It’s not often the world of cars and motorcycles come together to create something truly special. Recently, we saw Lamborghini and Ducati, and now, there’s MV Agusta and Alpine. Both these companies have joined forces to create a limited-edition model of the simply magnificent Superveloce. And what greater inspiration than the sportscar-bred Alpine 110?

First things first, the Superveloce Alpine comes with MV Agusta’s signature inline 3-cylinder engine which churns out 145-bhp @13,000 rpm and has a top speed of over 240 km/hr. To make this special edition unique, it comes with tweaks to the graphic design, detailing and accessories.

For example, MV’s Agusta’s Monaco Design Studio has added blue livery to the Superveloce Alpine to match that of the current A110. Then there are the raised “A” logos on the fairings which are reminiscent of the original A110 detailing. This exclusive model also gets black Alcantara seats with blue stitching and the machined black rims.

To commemorate this historic collaboration, the French and Italian flags are displayed on either side of the front fender.