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Pune-based EV startup EMotorad has launched two new ranges of e-bikes for the Indian market. The company has unveiled the Elite range, which includes the ultra-premium Desert Eagle and Nighthawk. The company has also launched the X-Factor range, which includes the X1, X2 and X3.


The Desert Eagle comes with a 120-mm travel front suspension and a Bafang 250W mid-drive motor that delivers 12.23 kgm of peak torque. The e-bike features a durable aluminium frame that comes with a frame-integrated 17.5 Ah battery. It also features SRAM shifters, a Proven Motion Control damper and hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear.


The top-end Nighthawk also comes with an aluminium frame with a 17.5 Ah battery. This e-bike also gets a 150-mm travel fork and a 250W Bafang mid-drive motor that delivers 12.23 kgm of peak torque. The e-bike features fat tires with Tektro disc brakes at the front and rear. The Nighthawk is also equipped with SRAM shifters.


The EMotorad X1, X2 and X3 feature steel frames and offer a range of up to 40 km based on the terrain and the payload. All three e-bikes are equipped with 250W rear hub motors. While the X1 and X2 are equipped with a removable 7.8 Ah battery, the X3 features a frame-integrated 7 Ah battery. While the X1 offers a single level of pedal assist and 12 magnets, the X2 and X3 offer three levels of pedal assist and 12 magnets.


EMotorad has priced the Desert Eagle at Rs 4.75 lakh, while the Nighthawk has been priced at Rs 5 lakh. The X1, X2 and X3, which have been tagged as ‘economy e-bikes’ are priced at Rs 24,999, Rs 27,999 and Rs 32,999 respectively.