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Motorcycling in India has developed over the years from just a means of transportation, to a full-blown culture. With motorcyclists travelling the length and breadth of the country on two wheels, manufacturers like Royal Enfield have been pivotal in making these journeys more accessible. The latest initiative by the manufacturer has been the unveiling of Camp Kharu – its milestone ‘Green Pit Stop’ in Ladakh, the first of many, planned on popular motorcycling routes.

Nestled in the Kharu market, the two-storied cafe stands on the banks of the Indus River, overlooking the stunning Zanskar range. Travellers can stop for rest, refreshments, riding routes, tourist information and a list of homestays, including ones supported by Royal Enfield. Managed by six self-help group women, aged 37 to 55, from the Kharu village, the facility provides a cafe, serving authentic Ladakhi dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, commercial and exhibition spaces, and public convenience facilities.

camp kharu


‘Camp Kharu is an ode to the transformative power of travel that inspires people to ‘Leave Every Place Better’. Its sustainable architecture, community initiatives and avenues for cultural exchange show the way for mindful exploration. A Green Pit Stop is meant for slow travel, making one savour local experiences. Local communities are at the core of our Social Mission and an initiative like this helps in local entrepreneurship, environment sustainability and promoting intangible cultural heritage – all in a differentiated way. The Green Pit Stops are truly for the community, by the community,’ says Bidisha Dey, Executive Director of Eicher Group Foundation.

camp kharu

Fitted with solar panels, the property is built to keep cool in the summers and warm in the winters, even in temperatures below 25 degrees. It is also equipped with water refilling stations, free wi-fi and charging points for visitors. The two-floor facility includes a lounge and community space for visitors on the ground floor, as well as a dedicated exhibition space to spotlight Ladakh’s intangible cultural heritage, textiles and local produce. It also hosts workshops and community learning activities. So the next time you ride through Ladakh, you know where to stop.