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This Ather Community Day came packing with plenty of stuff, which we’ll slowly get into. Ather Energy has launched the much-awaited Rizta family scooter, with prices ranging between Rs 1.09 lakh to Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom). The Rizta, according to Ather is designed to cater to family needs. Throughout the event, the brand laid strong emphasis on comfort, convenience, and safety.

The Rizta lineup will comprise of two models – Rizta S and Rizta Z, offering three variants with different battery capacities. The 2.9 kWh variants promise a predicted IDC range of 123 km, while the 3.7 kWh variant boasts 160 km of range. The Rizta S offers three monotone colors, whereas the Rizta Z presents seven colors, including both monotone and dual-tone options.

Massive underseat storage space on offer

Ather has stated that the Rizta prioritizes comfort and convenience with a larger seat and floorboard, with an additional backrest in the Rizta Z model.  The scooter also offers 56 litres of storage space, which includes a 34-litre underseat storage space and an optional 22-litre frunk. Moreover, the under-seat storage offers an optional multi-purpose charger with 18W power output for charging electronic devices.

The 2.9 kWh trims of the Ather Rizta S and Z can be charged with a 350W portable charger, while the top-end Rizta Z with the 3.7 kWh battery pack gets the 700W Ather Duo charger. The Rizta will also have access to Ather’s fast-charging network. In terms of warranty, Ather offers a 5-year optional warranty program called the ‘Ather Battery Protect,’ covering battery failures and guaranteeing a minimum of 70% state-of-health after five years.

Speaking on safety, Ather has introduced SkidControl™, a proprietary traction control system, to enhance safety by mitigating traction loss on low-friction surfaces. Additional safety features such as FallSafe™, emergency stop signal (ESS), theft & tow detect, and vehicle finder ensure comprehensive rider safety. The scooter offers two riding modes – Zip and SmartEco, along with ride assist features like magic twist, auto hold, and reverse mode.

The Ather Rizta will be available in two trims; the Rizta S and Rizta Z 

Bookings for the Ather Rizta are now open, with deliveries scheduled to commence from June 2024. The pricing starts at Rs 1.09 lakh for the Rizta S and Rs 1.24 lakh for the Rizta Z with a 2.9 kWh battery, while the top-end Rizta Z with a 3.7 kWh battery is priced at Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom Bengaluru).

Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, Ather Energy, expressed the company’s vision behind the Rizta, aiming to cater to Indian families by focusing on comfort, safety, and connectivity. He highlighted the scooter’s role in reflecting Ather‘s commitment to quality, reliability, and safety.

The Ather Halo helmet

The Ather Halo and Halo Bit together

Ather has introduced the Halo; a full-face smart helmet featuring premium audio by Harman Kardon. Halo integrates WearDetect technology, wireless charging, and Ather ChitChat™ for rider-pillion communication, emphasizing both safety and entertainment.

The Halo Bit will enable every Ather helmet to be a smart helmet

For those who prefer Ather’s half-face helmets, there’s also the Halo Bit module on offer, which will enable every Ather helmet to be a smart helmet. The introductory price for the Halo helmet is Rs 12,499, while the Halo Bit can be had from Rs 4,999 onwards.

Ather software upgrade with the AtherStack 6.0

A glimpse of what Ather Stack 6.0 will provide you

Ather introduces AtherStack 6.0, the latest software update bringing new features like WhatsApp integration, live location sharing, ping my scooter, auto-reply to calls, and Alexa integration. Existing Ather owners will receive this update as an over-the-air update, enhancing their ownership experience. Users will be able to not just see texts and calls on the go, but they also get the option to reject the call with a custom message.