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Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited’s e-mobility business, Ampere, has just set two records in the Indian Book of Records using its latest electric scooter. The first record set by the electric scooter is for the largest brand logo drawn on the white sands in the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary in the Great Rann of Kutch. The new record for the largest logo drawn using an electric scooter now stands at 17,100 sq. ft with the dimensions of 179.8ft x 95.2 ft. The logo has a perimeter of 394ft.

The second record was set by the electric scooter for towing a truck. The first electric scooter to ever achieve this feat, successfully towing a pickup truck weghing 1,860 kg, with an additional load of 140 kg. The electric scooter covered a distance of 2 km in a 15-minute run while towing.

Here is what we know so far about the electric scooter. We know the scooter will feature four riding modes along with an all-LED lighting system. It will come equipped with an infotainment/dash cluster that will have a dedicated companion app. The scooter will feature in a total of four colours namely; Zanskar Aqua, Lunar White, Steel Grey and Indian Red.

Ampere has stated that they have improved on the design and focused extensively on rider comfort. The all-new Ampere scooter has opened pre-bookings at Rs. 499 only for the K2K edition.

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