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Are you a Kawasaki fan, but you also love the idea of British-looking retro motorcycles combined with Japanese reliability, without breaking the bank? That’s a problem Kawasaki is looking to solve with the updated W175. Launched last year with a price tag of Rs 1.47 lakh, the 2024 Kawasaki W175 is now more affordable than before, and it can now also be had in a new ‘Street’ variant, with alloy rims and tubeless tyres.

Kawasaki has also given the W175 a set of new paint schemes; metallic graphite grey, and metallic ocean blue. The W175 Street further adds two more paint schemes, the first being candy emerald green, and the other being metallic moondust grey. However, apart from these additions, the motorcycle remains unchanged under the skin. The 177 cc engine continues its duties from before, putting out 12.87 bhp and 1.3 kgm of torque. The double cradle frame too has been retained, along with the disc-drum braking setup.

The Ocean Blue paint scheme is a new addition

The W175 also retains its no-frills, minimalistic nature, given that its equipment list is rather short, but like we said before, it is one interesting motorcycle when seen from a singular perspective. The price drop has now also made it more affordable than motorcycles like the Yamaha FZ-X, TVS Ronin, and the Royal Enfield Hunter.

Not too long ago, we headed out to a retro party with the W175 and another motorcycle, both 40 years apart but sharing the same unhurried nature. Click here to read more!