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Cramming a video feature with everything that happens during an Isle of Man TT race in a documentary is nigh on impossible. Doing that in something that runs for just 18 minutes and 21 seconds would be exerting too much pressure on both storytelling and cinematography. But both Christopher Kippenberger and Luke Huxham are unfazed by that. Their VoD creation, Isle of Man TT, is a testament to that. And it’s now available on YouTube for free.

Talking about it would mean giving away the drama, flavour, moody colour grading, and full-of-life camera work. But let’s not do that. Instead allow me to tell you that it has done justice to its subject. More than just a fix of adrenaline, the video encompasses what’s the best road race there is.

To be out there racing, documenting, or even spectating, it is a surreal experience. To someone not used to the idea of living on the edge (or erm Closer to the Edge), the TT might seem like a pointless exercise. To the point that people have even questioned its existence, given how dangerous it can get. But in reality, the TT is way beyond all that.

Through this, the TT fans live their passion. And unlike in most other forms of motorsport where the quest to achieve the highest speed is of paramount importance, the Isle of Man TT sets itself apart. Of course setting the fastest time around the road circuit is still key, the TT’s intensity still remains unmatched. Be it the flying sparks off the bikes at Bray Hill, going airborne over Ballaugh Bridge, or even maintaining an average speed of 130 mph, it’s an orgy of goosebump-inducing moments for the viewers, too.

And as John McGuinness says in the video, there are other circuits like the Nurburgring and Pikes Peak, but this is the ‘daddy circuit’. It certainly is.

Enjoy the video:

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