Adithya Prasad, Intern
"Life isn't just about breathing; it's about those moments that make you grip the wheel in sheer terror!" Adithya lives and breathes the thrill of bikes and cars. Every engine roar is his symphony, every turn of the wheel his dance. Hitting 200 kph on an empty highway? That's just his way of doing grocery runs. Getting Adithya on our team was riskier than one of his high-speed chases. We had to tempt him with promises of unlimited revs and enough racing fuel to keep him happy. Once he gets going, slowing down isn't an option—just ask the local milkman about their unexpected drag race. Join Adithya as he tears through the automotive world, where speed limits are suggestions, speed bumps are mere annoyances, and every ride is a heart-pounding adventure!
Articles by Adithya Prasad