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What is it?

The SP Connect Moto Bundle LT is a bundle that includes one Moto  Mount LT SPC+ and one Universal Phone Clamp SPC+. It offers flexible options to quickly and securely mount your cell phone on a motorcycle. The user can choose between landscape or portrait format and adjust their smartphone individually thanks to the 360-degree adjustment option.

Is it any good?

Featuring a hard-wearing lightweight construction made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, complemented by a heavy-duty aluminium mounting system, the SP Connect Universal Phone Clamp fits just about any phone and remains sturdy. It is compatible with all SPC+ mounting heads and can be used to mount your phone on your motorcycle, bicycle, in the car and more, with different attachment options (sold separately).

Usage is pretty simple, all you have to do is place your phone, with the universal clamp attached, onto the mount and rotate it through 90 degrees and it gets locked in place. Fastening the clamp holder to your phone is also very simple and fast, simply pull out the crown, tighten the screw and fix the crown by pressing it in.

Carrying a good number of recommendations from users of the SP Connect mobile mounting products, especially about the build quality and sturdiness, we can suggest it as a good value-for-money product. Offering a simple-to-use solution for all your mobile mounting needs, it is a well-made product all in all.

How much?

Rs. 4,999