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What is it?

Eurogrip Tyres have been producing some classy and grippy rubber for entry-level performance bikes until now and the Roadhounds are its first proper big bike tyres. These are suitable for road bikes in the 650-900cc category or for bikes that make roughly 120-130 bhp. Given the import restrictions on foreign rubber, big bike owners have been struggling to find shoes for their precious rides. And the Eurogrip Roadhounds are one of the few Indian options that are actually good and up to the task of making sure you stay the right side up.

And it has got the right basics to start with: radial construction, carbon-infused tri-polymer tread compound and zero-degree steel belts. The carcass has a stiff construction, enabling the tyre to maintain its composure under heavy load under brisk acceleration or healthy lean angles. And the soft compound rubber with neatly designed grooves aims to provide great traction irrespective of how good the road surface is or what the weather conditions are.

Is it any good?
We have slapped these lovely radials on a 16-year-old Yamaha MT-01, a bike that was in dire need of some good rubber. While the front was a straight fit, we are using the 180-section option, which is a size smaller than the factory-fitted option. Plus, the shoulder profile of the Roadhounds is more rounded than the older Pilot Street Radials. As a result, the torque monster has become a lot nimbler.

It has just been a few hundred kilometres since the tyres have been put into use and a detailed report should come soon in the coming few months. However, initial impressions are fairly positive as it is able to handle the MT-01’s incredible 14.27 kgm of torque quite well. There are no traction breaks that lead to nervy, heart-in-mouth moments and even the braking feels a lot more stable.

How much?
The front tyre is only available in one size  — 120/70 — ZR17 priced at Rs 11,499. Meanwhile, there are two options available for the rear — 160/60 – ZR17 and 180/55 – ZR17 (Rs 12,999) and (Rs 14,999) respectively. And these are very sensible prices, too, we’d say.