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What is it?

Born of a tie-up between the Mahansaria Group and European tyre brand Mitas Tyres, the Reise TrailR tyres are 50:50 on/off tyres, made for a wide range of motorcycle sizes. The tread pattern on the TrailR tyres is based on knobbies with wide grooves to dig into mud and sandy terrain.

Is it any good?

Reise has put in a lot of effort to ensure grip levels are above the standard, from the way the tyres have been designed. It features a centre line section which is designed in such a way to provide maximum traction at all times, while the outer side is designed to carry a decent level of lean through corners while the thin grooves are present to channel out water.

Having previously tested it extensively off-road, it shows just as much promise on the tarmac as well. There is quite an enjoyable amount of grip, as well as minimal road noise when used on tarmac, with high stability and great braking grip. Multi-compound tread technology sees to it that it displays exceptional thermal qualities for minimised abrasion, giving it the ability to last much longer than others.

Considering the amount of precision that the Reise TrailRs are capable of, they also perform well on undulated surfaces. The proof of this would be the multiple times we have used them for off-road shenanigans, not to mention the all-weather capabilities. All-in-all the TrailRs are a good choice, with the fact that they are also pretty affordable, a win-win scenario then, I suppose.

How much?

Rs. 3,450 to Rs.4,000 per tyre